Welcome to The goal of this website to equip you as a Winnipegger with the information and tools to be a Winnipeg ambassador.

There are amazing things happening in in this city and we want you to help tell the story. The story we tell is key to attracting more businesses, investment, visitors and people to Winnipeg. 

Each of us has a role to play. Each of us can make a difference. As ambassadors of our Prairie city, let’s showcase Winnipeg to the world. Let everyone know our city is filled with opportunities to live, work and play.

We invite you to use this site's resources to share the Winnipeg story.


In June of 2022, Economic Development Winnipeg and our partners launched Winnipeg’s new place brand.

A place brand can help get to the heart of who we are as a city captured in every story we tell to each other and to the world. Our brand is about creating a story for Winnipeg, by Winnipeggers. It started with research from Winnipeggers and puts into words the very genuine and positive things we feel and know about ourselves as a community. We are using this new Winnipeg story to attract more talent, investment and visitors to our city.

Learn more about our brand’s story at

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We're trying to get people to start talking about Winnipeg in a more positive way and they should look good doing it. Check out all of the options and the collaborations we've created with great local businesses and makers, including, Far From Ordinary, We Heart Winnipeg, Coal and Canary, Mondetta Performance Gear and more! Buy now at


Think again. Our Winnipeg, For Real video is your one-stop-shop for all the weird, whacky and wonderful anecdotes about our city. From the world’s most famous cartoon characters and spy, to the Can-D-Man, Keanu, Qaumajuq and Cummings–this is Winnipeg, for real.

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